Great Cop | Vacancy

Great Cop | Vacancy


Listen to latest track Vacancy from Glasgow indie rock n’ere do wells Great Cop.



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The Library Is On Fire | 1913

The Library Is On Fire | 1913


The Library Is On Fire is an indie pop art rock outfit from New York.

Twitchy indie pop track 1913 is taken from the album Halcyon and Surrounding Areas which is out now.


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Stone Titan | Peace, Love, And Get The Fuck Out Of My Face

Stone Titan | Peace, Love, And Get The Fuck Out Of My Face

If you miss proper old-school fuck off in your face noise, which of course you do, have a listen to Stone Titan‘s Peace, Love, And Get The Fuck Out Of My Face, featuring five tracks of fucked up darkcore metal sludge noise goodness.


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Electro Pop: X priest X | Samurai EP

Electro Pop: X priest X | Samurai EP


Florida-based electro pop duo X priest X‘s EP Samurai is out now.

Have a listen to seriously exciting downtempo sad girl lead track Isn’t It So, a synth pop track with nods at 80 pop.


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Feather Revs | Control

Feather Revs | Control

Feather Revs is an indie rock outfit from Sweden.

Control is the first track from upcoming album Whaleforest.

I’m not sure if the band name Feather Revs is a deliberate reference to Mercury Rev but based on Control it possibly should be.

Listen to Control and b-side track Utero which verges on U2 when they were still good territory.


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Girl Band | The Cha Cha Cha

Girl Band | The Cha Cha Cha


Dublin-based Girl Band have been gaining a fair bit of attention recently for their anarchic indie/alternative rock posturings.

First release Lawman is a noise/post punk track that’s probably most comparable to something like Sonic Youth by way of The Gift on Velvet Undergound‘s White Light/White Heat.

Have a listen to Girl Band‘s 25-second single The Cha Cha Cha below of which

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Night Windows | Musiicassette/Magnetic Memory


Night Windows is singer-songwriter Benjamin Hughes.

Hughes is a poster boy for the bursted-bubble millennial generation. He sings about being part of a downtrodden blue-collar work force, helping loved ones through hard times, and clinging desperately to his musician dreams which ebb to the margins of his days. With his acoustic guitar, a hand-me-down drum kit, and an array of…

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Hello Dei | The Elevation

Hello Dei | The Elevation


Listen to two more uptempo than usual new tracks from mysterious London-based indie/synth pop singer songwriter Hello Dei.


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Coldwave: Empathy Test | Losing Touch EP

Coldwave: Empathy Test | Losing Touch EP


Empathy Test is a London-based electronic duo featuring Isaac Howlett and Adam Relf.

Have a listen to the EP Losing Touch.

Empathy Test has to be one of the best band names ever, no?

For fans of: the xx, Soft Cell, Fur Immer, Joy Division, possibly even really there Bastille fans.


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WATCH: Tomorrow We Sail | Never Goodbye

WATCH: Tomorrow We Sail | Never Goodbye


We have previously categorised Tomorrow We Sail as ambient folk post rock in a kind of pathetic effort to explain the emotional rollercoaster of their cinematic music.

Rest assured, Tomorrow We Sail is something really special.

Formed in 2009, they have spent the past four years developing their sound into what is now an impressive landscape of billowing, reverb-soaked guitars,…

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