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Holm. Keeps On Making Stupid Music For Losers

Holm. Keeps On Making Stupid Music For Losers

holm nocturne@HolmBeats

Holm.aka J Thatcher, makes “slightly lonely music for slightly lonely peopleand is a pioneer in the shouty boy downtempo electro pop genre along with swelo. and On Hold Since 1993.

Just dropped is I // V // Y, which he describes as 4 lame track 4 nothing.

Bless him.

Generally I’ll be the judge of that and in this case Jcontinues down the shouty/glitch route but adds in two tracks…

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Glass Vaults | Bright EP

Glass Vaults | Bright EP

Glass Vaults are a band from Wellington, New Zealand led by core members Richard and Rowan. The pairs’ songs hypnotically migrate between subtle electronics and pulsating percussion that serves as a rich textural veneer to Larsen’s haunting yet sentimental vocals.

Or, Glass Vaults make the kind of trippy, glitchy music that the much overworked word ethereal is designed for.

Bright is not new…

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Brooklyn’s AERS Make Spacetronic Dream Folk

Brooklyn’s AERS Make Spacetronic Dream Folk


AERS is a duo from Brooklyn making “folk with electronics from outer space.”

Yep, sounds about right and is up there with Snowbird and the beautiful vocals sound not at all unlike Jane Siberry.

Their debut EP Blue Tempest is out soon but no more details available.

No stream available so have a listen here.

For fans of: Cocteau Twins, Snowbird, Jane Siberry, Violet Indiana, gorgeous…

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Naomi Pilgrim | House of Dreams (feat. Mike G) - Remix

Naomi Pilgrim | House of Dreams (feat. Mike G) – Remix

naomi pilgrim@iamNaomiPilgrim

Naomi Pilgrim is way, way up there with the best new talents of the last 12 months. 

Of Swedish/Barbadian extraction, Naomi has so far killed it on a few tracks including the godlike pop of House Of Dreams and No Gun.

Just dropped is another remix of House Of Dreams, this time featuring vocals from Mike G, which gives an already deadly song an added boost.

Have a listen to House…

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